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Traffitix Eye

Traffitix Eye is a smart radar powered by artificial intelligence. Combining an advanced camera system, AI Processor, and sophisticated sensors, our radar pole instantly detects traffic violations, vehicle speed, and license plate numbers for all vehicles on the road. The system includes a user-friendly software platform that enables traffic control rooms to receive instant violation alerts, view detected vehicles, access advanced traffic analytics & reports, and integrate the radar with other systems and databases.

Traffitix Eye

Detects up to 320 km/hr
Ruggedized radar casing that tolerates harsh environmental conditions
Centralized software platform that can be connected to multiple radars
Combines regular and visual radar detectors for optimum accuracy
Accurate multi-lane detection
Instant detection and alerting for  a wide range of traffic violations and pedestrian violations

Traffitix Eye Provides

Traffic Violations detection

Traffitix detects a wide range of traffic violations as well as speed violations. Click here to view the range of violations that each radar customization detects.

Traffic Analytics

Traffitix processes all the detected vehicles and violations, providing real-time traffic analytics and advanced traffic insights.

Vehicle Information & Speed

Traffitix accurately detects and recognizes vehicle speed as well as license plate information, vehicle type, make and model, in real-time.

Pedestrians detection

Traffitix detects pedestrians, anonymously tracks their motion across the street, detects pedestrian violations (i.e. Jaywalking), and more.

Equipped with Traffitix Smart Platform

Traffic Violations detection
View vehicle speed
View traffic violations
Search detected vehicles or violations
Receive violation alerts
View vehicle information
Integrates with databases, internal systems and external systems

Product Specifications

Smart Platform
Installed on PC or hosted on the cloud
AI-powered smart platform
Easy integration with internal and external systems and databases
Scalable; Can accomodate any number of vehicles or users
Centralized platform for managing and monitoring the entire fleet.
Provides AI-powered analytics
Traffitix Eye
Placed on the roadside of highways, road intersections, and pedestrian areas
Detects Vehicle Speed: up to 320 km/h
Error rate: < 1 km/h
Detection range: 1 to 170 meters
Lane coverage: Up to 8 lanes
Camera resolution: 12 MP
Operation temperature:  -20° C to 70° C
Humidity tolerance: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Shock & Vibration resistant
Operates in dim lighting (night mode)

More than
just a radar

Detect, view and search traffic violations

Traffitix Radar Pole detects traffic violations (i.e. over speeding, tailgating, illegal U-turns, etc.) and allows users to view and search detected vehicles and violations through its software platform.

Advanced traffic analytics, in real-time

Radar processes detections for real-time insights, accessible via dashboards or custom reports, to support traffic decision-making and accelerate crisis response.

Centralized traffic monitoring

Each software platform connects to one or more Traffitix Radar Poles, allowing monitoring of traffic and violations across multiple areas from a single platform.

Add integrations to automate traffic enforcement

Integrating the software platform with external traffic enforcement systems automates or semi-automates the entire process. Radar detects violations and alerts the platform, triggering external systems to issue a violation ticket automatically.

Accelerate response through instant alerting

Alert person-in-charge in critical situation

The advanced alerting system can instantly alert the person-in-charge instantly (via SMS or email) of critical situations, based on the types of violations they choose, who should be alerted, and how (SMS, email, platform notification).

Recognize wanted & stolen vehicles

The software platform can be integrated with external databases of wanted and stolen vehicles. Once the radar detects any of the vehicles in the database, it instantly alerts the platform to its location and details.

Setup alerts for any given traffic scenario

Users can customize alerts for any traffic scenario (e.g. detecting certain types of vehicles or animals, or traffic stops).

Fits different
traffic scenarios

Ruggidized Casing for harsh environments

The radar pole is encased in a ruggidized casing, with an internal cooling system that can withstand and operate in harsh environmental conditions.

Can be placed in any traffic area

The pole can be placed easily in any traffic area, detecting accurately day or night, across multiple lanes and directions.

Highly customizable

The radar pole has 3 customizations for highways, intersections, and pedestrian areas. Its features can be further customized based on business needs.

We offer three customizations of our AI-Powered radar pole


Monitoring Highway Traffic

Instantly sends vehicle information, speed as well as detected highway traffic violations to Traffitix smart platform.

Unauthorized emergency lane usage

The system identifies unauthorized vehicles in each lane (i.e. a regular car driving in the emergency responders lane, a truck driving in a non-truck lane,…etc.).and sends alerts to the platform when detected.

Vandalism Detection

The system detects and immediately reports whenever anyone attempts to damage the radar itself so that traffic authorities can take proper action immediately.

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Monitoring Highway Traffic

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Monitoring intersection traffic

Instantly sends vehicle information, speed as well as detected intersection traffic violations to Traffitix smart platform.

Yellow Box Detection

The system can immediately detect stopped cars within the yellow box area at intersections, as well as any identifiable reckless movement in this area that might lead to an accident. Vehicles are not allowed to stop for any reason in this intersection area (yellow box), because there are always vehicles moving through one of the two intersecting roads.

Illegal U-Turn

The system automatically detects whenever a driver tries to make an illegal/unauthorized U-turn. The following u-turn violations can be detected:· Suddenly cutting across multiple lanes to take a nearby u-turn.· Doing a u-turn that is dedicated to the other road direction.Doing an unauthorized u-turn (places with the “NO u-turn” signs).

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Monitoring Highway Traffic

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Monitoring pedestrian traffic& violations

Instantly sends vehicle information, speed as well as detected pedestrian traffic violations to Traffitix smart platform.

Crossing Pedestrians

Using its anonymous pedestrian detection and tracking capabilities this feature detects whenever a pedestrian is crossing the road.

Jaywalking (pedestrian violation)

Traffitix detects and reports Jaywalking, which is when pedestrians cross a road in prohibited locations or times, such as crossing the street from anywhere other than the assigned pedestrian’s crosswalk or crossing the street when the pedestrian’s stoplight is red.

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Detects exceeding the allowed speed limit.

Lane-based overspeeding

Detects exceeding the lane-specific speed limit.

Unauthorized lane usage

Detects when vehicles move in an unauthorized lanes (i.e. emergency lane, bike lane, etc.)

Illegal stops

Detects whenever the vehicle stops in no-stop areas like intersections’ yellow box.

Vehicle-based overspeeding

Detects exceeding the vehicle-specific speed limit.

Illegal U-Turn

Detects when vehicles makes a U-turn in a no U-Turn area.

Sudden Lane change

when a driver changes lanes abruptly without proper signaling.


Tailgating is driving too closely to the vehicle ahead, increasing collision risk.


Detects when a pedestrian crosses the street outside crosswalks or during a pedestrian red light.

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